Carved Gourds

Owl Ornaments Carved Gourds
Beautiful carved goud owl. None is identical because it is hand carved, individually...
Beautiful Carved Gourd with Landscapes Carved Gourds
Precious carved gourd with different motives as landscapes, animals, farm activities, sun, moon, etc..
Little Purse of Carved Gourd Carved Gourds
Little purse of carved Gourds in traditional color with hand woven hanger...
Keychain of Carved Gourd Carved Gourds
Beautiful handmade carved gourd keychain with animal and landscape desing...
Carved Gourd Penguin Carved Gourds
Handmade penguin of carved gourd...
Christmas Crib in Carved Gourd Carved Gourds
Extraordinaries christmas tree ornament. Christmas crib into a carved gourd, hand painted...
Decorative Bombilla for the Christmas Tree Carved Gourds
Ornament to decorate the Christmas tree. In 4 colors available in traditional and contemporary desig..
Carved Gourds Noel Peruvian Handicrafts Carved Gourds
Carved gourd Peruvian Santa Claus with textile hat...
Owl Ornaments for Christmas Tree Carved Gourds
Beautiful carved goud owl, with Christmas hat for hanging in Christmas tree. None is identical becau..
Hanging Crib for Christmas Tree of Carved Gourd  Carved Gourds
Beautiful hanging cribs for Christmas tree made of carved gourd (pumpkin) and hand painted...
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